Fast access to the complete albums in your Apple Music library

Quickly access your complete albums

Shows only those albums where you've added all or most of the songs. Listen with single tap.

Discover forgotten treasures

Sort by neglicence to reveal albums you haven't listened too in a while but rated highly.

Funky sort options

Sort by name, addiction, brightness, neglicence, recency or your ratings.

Mobile data friendly

Highlights albums you have downloaded when not connected to Wifi.

AirPlay aware

Long tap album, tap "Play on…", tap speaker name. Done. So quick.

For big and small screens

Supports iPhone, iPad and iPhone Touch.

Longplay is the iOS app for music lovers who enjoy listening to full albums but have a hard time finding them in their music library. It provides a beautiful view of the album artworks of the (near) complete albums in your music library with one-tap access to play them. It works well with Apple Music.

Available now for iOS 13 and 14.


Which albums are displayed?

Longplay’s purpose is to make listening to full albums easier, so it displays those albums for which you have (nearly) every song. This is determined by both the relative percentage and absolute number of songs you have for of that album.

How do the sort options work?

  • Orderliness: by artist, then by album
  • Addiction: by amount of time spent listening
  • Brightness: by the primary colour of the album artwork
  • Negligence: by the time it’s been since you’ve last listened to the album, weighted by the rating
  • Recency: by date added
  • Stars: by the rating you’ve provided for each song

Why are some albums greyed out?

If you use iTunes Match or Apple Music and you are not connected to a WiFi network, the albums which you don’t have available locally will be greyed out. If you have a cellular connection and you allowed the Music app to download music over cellular, you will still be able to download and listen to that album though. However, mobile data charges might apply!

Note: There’s an advanced settings in the to always grey out albums that you don’t have downloaded, even if you’re on WiFi.

Can I hide albums that I don’t have downloaded?

Yes, when you have albums that are greyed out, swipe to get to the side setting and then select “Show” > “Downloaded only”.

How do I add missing album artwort?

You can add album artwork via iTunes on your computer via two ways:

  • Using Apple’s catalogue by selecting “File” > “Library” > “Get Album Artwork”.
  • Manually, by finding the artwork online, and then in iTunes by right-clicking the album, selecting “Get Info”, navigating to the “Artwork” tab and then pressing “Add Artwork”.

How do I rate albums?

Longplay uses the ratings for songs as you set them in iTunes and the Music app.

It’s showing all my kids’ albums / meditation / white noise albums and playlists! Can I hide those?

Sure, you can. Long tap on an item you want to hide then select “Hide”. If you later want to show it again, swipe to the side albums list to the side, select “Show” > “Hidden things” and it’ll re-appear. You can then make it visible again, by long tapping it and selecting “Unhide”.

Can I queue up multiple albums?

No, Longplay plays your selected album or playlist to completion and playback then stops. You can then decide what to play next.

I’d like to add queueing of albums in the future and it’s a commonly requested feature, but currently the queue management of music playback for third-party apps is rather limited in iOS.

I am tapping albums but all I see is a spinning indicator and playback doesn’t start

This happens if you removed the Music app from your device. Go to the App Store and make sure it’s installed. Then playback should work from Longplay.

Does Longplay support Spotify?

No, support for Spotify is not provided. Longplay is a passion project of mine, and I don’t use Spotify myself currently.

(If there’s a keen iOS developer out there, who’d like to work with me on adding these, feel free to reach out to me.)

Is there a beta?

Not at the moment. The currently released version on the App Store is the most up-to-date.

What are those playlists in the screenshots?


I got another question!

You can reach out to me on, twitter or by mail.

Privacy policy

Longplay collects no data about you or what you play through it. The app is distributed through Apple’s iOS App Stores, where you are subject to the default, anonymous App Analytics and crash reporting collection provided by Apple. You can opt-in to or opt-out of this when prompted via iOS.

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