2019: ‘The Shining’ starring Jim Carrey

2025: Facebook lets you watch your favourite movie with a cast of your friends.

With the upcoming custom inputs and outputs in Shortcuts on iOS, I hope that someone will make HTTPie and jq for iOS. That would make working with APIs in Shortcuts a lot easier.

Kudos to Becky Hansmeyer for the timely reminder that this year will likely be the first year for many iOS developers that they will want to run macOS betas. Be prepared, backup and keep a stable install handy.

Micromobility or: Maybe the solution to all those people driving (or being driven) around by themselves is not to put someone else in the car with them, but to put them on small vehicles.

Swift’s tooling for non-app work still has some way to go. I attempted to write a script for analysing API data, but ended up fighting swift-sh, Marathon, Xcode’s integration of those, and cryptic compiler errors. Switched to Jupyter and it was fine. Might try again in 2020.

🎉 Just published my first Ruby gem: A simple agent for Huginn to filter events based on time. I’m using it to filter ISS flyover alerts to times I’m awake and it’s dark.

Bad Apple Support: Called them as my iPad stopped uploading changes to iCloud Drive1. Support told me to do an iCloud Backup and restore the iPad, saying everything will be backed up. Guess what, it didn’t. Good thing I expected that and copied the files to Dropbox first.

  1. Just kept saying “Waiting to upload”. Restart didn’t help. It still received changes from other devices, and new (empty) folders did get uploaded, too. 

After a while corespeechd is constantly using 100% of one CPU core on my new Mac Mini. Annoying. Haven’t found another way than to kill it on a schedule.

Just came across Mirrorshades which is as minimalist as web analytics can get. Adorable simplicity!

I very much enjoyed this mathematical and easy to follow explanation of the benefits of vaccinations to the community – including those who don’t or can’t get vaccinated themselves: “How Math (and Vaccines) Keep You Safe From the Flu” by Patrick Honner

Nick Bilton on Vanity Fair:

As a society, we feel like we’re at war with a computer algorithm, and the only winning move is not to play.

This is in a nutshell why privacy matters, even if you don’t have anything to hide.

iOS 11 tip: Enjoy a web focussed on content by making reader mode in Safari opt-out rather than opt-in. Long press the reader icon & select “use on all sites”.

Enjoying the challenge to easily post from my iPad to my microblog that’s backed by Jekyll.

@manton, the “New…” menu on micro.blog says the cross-posting bot works with any RSS feed. Does it also work with JSON feed?

A self-hosted microblog. Hooray.

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